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Succession Planning

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What's Your Plan?

You've spent your entire career helping others plan for their future - but what do you have in place to protect your team and family?

  • 50% of advisors have no plan for their future
  • 25% plan to pass their business to their family
  • 25% plan to pass it on to their internal team

Make a viable plan now, before it's too late.


Internal Transition Plan

Maximize your economic value by fully participating in the Wealth Creation Story. You can choose how much you want the next generation in your office to participate.


Family Transition Plan

You can leave your business to your next generation, but are they capable of managing and growing it?


No Plan

The majority of advisors don't have a plan in place for when they exit their practice - leaving their wealth to Wall Street. Who do you want to inherit your wealth?

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We've Got You and Yours Covered

Because we're partner-owned, we truly care about you and your family. We have a death and disability clause in place, so your family gets the full economic value of your life's work.

Credent’s family transition plan extends the wealth creation story to your family. Protect your legacy, your loved ones and your next generation.

Our firm needed to grow to the next level of professionalism and profit. I thought I might be asking for too much until I met Credent Wealth Management. The team delivered on their promise with the tools, the resources and the skills to build a substantial regional firm. Now, I’m enjoying a rewarding next chapter in my life.

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Let us help you make a plan.

Plan for your future today with us.