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Who Will Own Your Wealth?

You’ve spent years building a successful business.

With industry consolidation, everyone’s solo practice is going to end up somewhere — which means that wealth is going somewhere. If you could earn 5-9x your revenue, would you choose to keep your wealth or to give it to someone else?

Don’t give away what you have spent your career building. What’s your wealth creation story?

What Does a Credent Partnership Look Like?

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Our seamless integration

Advisors who join Credent participate in a fully supported integration process. You will have access to top-of-the-line tech products and dedicated compliance and marketing departments to continue growing your legacy.

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It's a level playing field here

We're unique in that we don’t have a tiered economic class. All of our partners get the same benefits working with us has to offer, with boundless access to resources and an even share of the profits as an equity partner.

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We can help plan your next chapter

You can look to us for succession planning. Both you and your clients benefit through your practice's merger with us. Your clients will be in qualified hands with Credent and you'll profit from our partnership.

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You can do more of what you love

With our ensemble approach, you get to do more of what you love and hand off what you don't to our team of subject matter experts. Here, we work together to provide best-in-class service to our team and our clients.


There is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity coming in the next 5-10 years.

Are you ready to take part in this wealth creation story?

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Aggregator vs Integrator

Aggregators in the industry make a lot of promises of what you get when you join with them. With Credent's integrator model, you own everything.

What's the Difference?
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Organic Growth

With your expanded team at Credent, experience exponential growth with less hassle.

Let's Grow

Own It All

Instead of an aggregator owning a piece of your business, own all of ours. Other companies may make empty promises, but with Credent, it's different. With our partner-owned, partner-led system, you own it all.

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Investments and Planning

Expand your team to provide the best client experience.

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Gain access to our proven, industry-leading tech that actually works.

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Succession Planning

How have you prepared for your team and family? Protect your legacy.