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The Nation's Leading Partner-Led, Partner-Owned Wealth Management Integrator

Here at Credent Wealth Management, we're 100% owned and managed by our partners, delivering a world-class experience to our clients. We partner with like-minded advisors who seek to lead the evolutionary change within our industry today.

Our partners share a common vision and mission. Many are coming from long, successful careers as independent advisors on a corporate platform, a wirehouse or a hybrid RIA.

Although the partners of Credent have very diverse backgrounds and areas of specialty, there's one common trait that eases the transition and accelerates their growth – common values.


Our values drive our business.


Culture of Winning

We are passionate about delivering results and educating our advisors through communication, collaboration and trust.

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Our advisors and team champion every process by seeking improvements, removing distractions and staying committed to working hard.

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Authentic Leadership

We encourage every advisor to live an integrated life by seeking the truth, being self-aware and aiming for excellence in all things.



We partner with people whose unique abilities, when they are empowered to use them, help improve the lives of others through sharing their personal experiences.

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Our leadership team will show this from the top-down, by putting the needs of others first, being empathetic and practicing humility.

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Our Team

Meet the Credent Wealth Management team dedicated to help you have a smooth integration.

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Learn more about the start of Credent and our history of providing best-in-class service.

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In the News

We're honored to have been recognized for the work we provide our clients.

Are you ready to experience a culture unlike any you've ever seen?

If you're ready, we're ready. Now is the perfect time to join!