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Office in a Box

Can you imagine never having to worry about updating software or troubleshooting technology issues? When you join Credent, you gain access to our strong ecosystem of technology – software and hardware – to integrate your office. Our experts become your experts, leaving you fully supported with less hassle. Our dedicated IT team specializes in the following:

  • Remote office setup
  • Compliance requirements
  • Technology best practices
  • Dedicated help and troubleshooting support
  • Setting you up for success with our industry-leading expertise
  • Protection of client data

Top-Notch Tech Stack

Industry-leading technology is important for us to do our jobs more efficiently and effectively, and it can be hard and expensive to obtain on your own. When you partner with Credent Wealth Management, you have complete access to our tech stack so you can provide a best-in-class integrated client experience.

Get tech that actually works.

Expand your team and get access to tech that actually works – and experts standing by to help you use it.